STARS Co-op Participation Policies

*All students, parents, or legal guardians who participate in co-op or any co-op activity must conduct themselves in a manner that upholds a moral, Godly standard.  

*Behavior that is harmful, disrespectful, degrading, threatening, or sexual in any manner is not tolerated.  Any such conduct must be reported to the directors for disciplinary action.

*Students are not allowed to bring weapons to co-op.

*Students are not allowed to be in a classroom with the door closed unless there is a parent or teacher present.

*Preschool and elementary age students may not leave a class unsupervised!  Never leave them alone.

*Every parent or legal guardian must teach classes and be willing to substitute.

*All teachers and students must be on time.  All teachers 5th grade through High School must create a syllabus for each class.

*If a teacher is absent, he or she must arrange for a substitute and make sure the substitute has the materials needed for the class.

*Make sure your classroom is clean after lunch and class.
  -Wipe tables and put chairs back in place
  -Sweep the floors
  -Clean white boards
  -Take out the trash at the end of each day

*All co-op fees or dues must be paid on time.

*There are NO REFUNDS.

*All materials that belong to STARS co-op must be kept in good condition so that we can reuse the materials.

*During the duration of the co-op year, a teacher or student may not be absent from a class more than 3 times in a row.  Unless you have notified the director for special permission prior to the absences, you will be dropped from the class and co-op upon the third absence.  In order to serve our students well, we must have a commitment of participation from all the teachers and students.  

*Students must have all their assignments completed and turned in at the designated time.  Late work will not be accepted without permission from the teacher prior to the due date. We strongly encourage the parent or legal guardian to maintain an accountability method with their student(s) to insure their work is complete and turned in at the designated time. 

*If a student is sick, please keep them home.  Do not bring him/her if they have a fever or a cough that may be contagious.  If the student is vomiting, has diarrhea, or a rash that is contagious, please do not bring them to co-op.

*I understand that STARS Co-op is not an accountability group that enables a parent or legal guardian to legally home school a student in the state of South Carolina.  I also understand that I must meet the academic and legal requirements of my accountability group.

*STARS reserves the right to cancel a class prior to the school year starting if there are not at least three students per class.


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