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STARS is a home school co-op where all children are treated special and receive a Christ-centered, academic, friendly environment.  We have loving parents who volunteer their time to ensure that the highest quality education is being taught to our children.
We, at STARS, believe that all children have the potential to perform at a high academic standard.  STARS continues to pursue the best educational resources and curriculum that will prepare our students for success at every grade level.  All high school and most middle school classes fulfill South Carolina requirements for graduation.
In order to maintain an elevated standard of excellence, we unite together with other like-minded parents and children that share the same goals.  At STARS, we are one team with a vision to motivate and empower homeschooling families in the Upstate region.
As our co-op continues to grow, we enthusiastically welcome new families to join STARS.  We are here to provide classes that will enhance your homeschooling experience and help prepare students for a rewarding future.  Christ-centered, academic, friendly families are essential to our success!
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*Every parent or legal guardian must volunteer to teach and/or help as needed as well as be willing to

*Every parent/teacher must submit to a background check for STARS to keep in their files. This is for
the protection of our students and STARS Homeschool Co-op. The protection and good of our students
is of utmost importance to us.

*Every parent or legal guardian must agree and sign STARS Policies and STARS Statement of Faith.
Please read and make sure you understand STARS Statement of Faith. We are a Christian organization
and teach from a biblical worldview. Read carefully and return a signed copy implying that you are in
agreement with and align yourself to these truths and foundational principles.

*All teachers must submit a syllabus. Preschool through 3rd/4th grade syllabus should at least give a
general idea of what is going to be taught each week. Grades 5 through High School must create a
detailed syllabus and are expected to provide a mid-year and end of year grade for each student.

*All materials that belong to STARS Co-op must be kept in good condition so they may be reused
again in the future.

*Please understand that STARS Co-op is not an accountability association that enables a parent
or guardian to legally homeschool in the state of South Carolina. Also, understand that you must
meet the requirements of your accountability group.

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