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Testimonial by Amy

"When we first started homeschooling Hannah craved a place to learn with others. She had a hard time letting go of what she thought of as "real" school. So we began to search for a co-op that was like minded in beliefs and offered learning experiences that were hard to accomplish at home by ourselves. I also needed a place that would be easy to transition into with the twins being so little and was affordable. I personally heard about stars by word of mouth, from someone at the library. And we are so blessed to have found what we were looking for at Stars plus being surprised by the support system of moms I've found there. I think we spend so much time thinking about our kids a lot of us didn't realize how much we needed the connections as well."

 - Amy, a homeschool mother of 3.



Testimonial by Faith

"My kids have loved being apart of a school! They have both come out of their shells and began to be a little more independent which has been great for them and me. I was beyond nervous the first time I met with you all at the summer kick off . (I almost backed out) I am so so glad I didn’t !! I’ve met and made some amazing mom friends."

- Faith, a homeschool mother of 3.

Testimonial by Kelly


"The cost is big to us and I did NOT want a drop off program for my kids. I wanted a co op where I was there and involved (just not necessarily in my own kids classes all day but on the premise and active). I mainly needed science and history for my kids. We just weren't getting it done, and often times the science experiments were just a bit much to do with only 2 kids. The extras are nice (and truly some have been SO good for my kids), but science and history were our main draw and will continue to be. The other core academics I like to have more control over curriculum, and we are good about getting to. I never was a science or history person myself though. My kids have really enjoyed making friends, and they felt comfortable from the start. It's taken me more time to feel like we fit there, but that's just me. New social environments are a big challenge for me. I knew my kids needed it though and I'm really enjoying the people this has brought into our lives. It's nice to have encouragement and a place to belong in the homeschool world. We've never had that, and I really appreciate it more and more the longer we are part of STARS. I've also really been thankful for the pre-k/kindergarten class. Elijah often gets left to play on his own at home since he's not officially school aged, and he has learned so much and had so much fun. He likes having his own school stuff just like his brothers and he likes that he has his own class just like his older brothers. The grouping of 2 ages/grades together is nice too. The classes don't get too big and the range isn't so large that it's hard to meet the needs of each kid in the class."


- Kelly, a homeschool mother of 4.


Testimonial by Deborah

"Totally the same for all that has been said previously! So much so the overall environment, and how everyone pulls together to help others is wonderful. The kids love going to 'school' and interacting with their peers. And I love seeing them pushed outside of their limits." 


- Deborah, a homeschool mother of 3.

Testimonial by Laura


"When I joined 14 years ago, I wanted to get some socialization for the kids, but I was thrilled with the encouragement I received from other moms. As the years have gone by and my kids got older, I really appreciated the science experiments. Science is more fun in a group and I don't have to make a mess at home! I think it's also great to take advantage of the strengths of other moms."

- Laura, Homeschool mother of 3



Testimonial by Cynthia


"I loved the group of kids my girls grew up with. Its great that when my daughter comes home from college she wants to make time for the special friends she made in her 10 years at co-op. And my other daughter who goes to community college locally still cherishes the friends she made at STARS. Even I need to stop by once in a while for my STARS fix;) Academically, I like how the parents all work together and really try to gear classes to the needs of each individual group. Some years were heavy academically and some were lighter depending on the needs of the group. Constant prayer, change and growth is what makes STARS great!"

 - Cynthia, Homeschool mother of 2



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